SanskritaPradipika, our freely-downloadable interactive tutor designed to teach Sanskrit to English-speaking people, has met with success beyond my wildest dreams, beyond anything that I could have hoped for, or imagined possible. We were all of two that set out on this work in the Fall of 2001, and it began thus: Jayant Shekhar had been my student, and he asked if he might work on a project in Java. I had for some time been interested in Sanskrit, primarily for its applications in compiler design, and suggested that he write routines to draw the Devanagari characters. (Devanagari is the name of the script in which Sanskrit is written today.) From there it was a straightforward matter to write Sanskrit words, and to string them together to form simple sentences. Such was the genesis of SanskritaPradipika, which over four years grew to six million lines of Java code, and a 40 MB package, of which more than 12,000 copies have been downloaded worldwide since 2005, when the present version was offered.

Audio-visual Course based on SanskritaPradipika
That year I left India for foreign shores, and Jayant became involved in his teaching responsibilities. Yet my interest in and love for Sanskrit has continued to grow, and I now offer a complete course of the language, using Skype and the SanskritaPradipika, (as well as other tools that I have created), which is of 18 months’ duration. This course (which, unlike the Pradipika carries a fee) is designed to take the absolute beginner to a position where he or she is able to read and enjoy texts such as the
Bhagavad Gita or the Valmiki Ramayan with ease. To learn more about the audio-visual course, please write me at

Sudhir Kaicker

May 2, 2010